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The elephant gathering in Minneriya National Park is truly one of a kind. Hundreds of elephants gather around the shores of the Minneriya Tank every year and will be a sight for the travellers that will not be founds anywhere else on the planet.

Between the months of August and September, a spectacular event occurs in Minneriya National Park, a national park located in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka. As the dry season hits the tiny island and water becomes scarce in the surrounding areas, hundreds of thirsty elephants start to gather around the Minneriya tanks. The sheer size of the gathering is a spectacle that is not repeated anywhere else on the planet. The elephant gathering has fast become a tourist attraction, with many nature lovers visiting the country for the sole opportunity to witness this amazing event.

The Minneriya tanks were built by King Mahasen in the third century AD, and their historical importance is only rivalled by the biodiversity that thrive around the tanks. The area was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1938 in a bid to conserve the flora and fauna that flourish around the area. The Minneriya National Park was established decades later, in 1997. Over 25 species of mammals, including the Sri Lankan Leopard and the Sri Lankan Sloth Bear, call the park home. However, there is no denying that the Sri Lankan elephant is the star attraction.

The majestic monoliths have long been an unofficial mascot for the island nation, but rapid developments have led to frequent clashes between man and animal leading to drastic drops in elephant populations. Yet the country has quite a large number of elephants, and the best opportunity to witness them is during the dry season which occurs between July and October. As the areas bordering the park dry up, the elephants gather around the tanks and the lush vegetation that manages to thrive there even during the height of the drought season.

As members of different herds intermingle, it is heartening to watch the joyful celebrations, especially among the younger members of the clans. Tourists who want to Tour Sri Lanka during August and September should not miss this sight. When it comes to choosing tour operators, take care to select a professional outfit as this will ensure the safety of both tourists and the denizens of the park. To find out more about the Wild Life Parks Sri Lanka you can visit Truly Sri Lanka, a website that contains up-to-date information on the happenings and attractions of the sunny island.


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